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Birthday Marketing
Good Will and Good Business

We invite local patrons to your business on their birthday, and manage your birthday and special occasions club

#1 Celebrated event at a restaurant



External Marketing Service

4 Million

Birthday Parties invited


People look for a Birthday card in the mail


Promotions per mailer

Birthdays for restaurants

Did you know?

Birthdays are celebrated every day, every year!
Everyone has a birthday and who doesn't like to receive gifts on their birthday?  A perfect opportunity to spread your word of mouth and good will.  

More guests | MORE Profits!
Birthday Parties can range from 3-20 guests per table and the check averages are HUGE compared with everyday dining. 

Did you know that 7 out of 10 adults dine out on for birthdays? Making birthday parties the #1 dining event, yet many restaurants don't take advantage of this simple yet very profitable marketing opportunity.  

Celebrating birthdays is good for your business, your guests and your employees.  Birthdays are celebrated seven days a week, year round—providing you with the opportunity to bring in customers throughout the week and throughout the year.

Your business gets new and repeat business with higher cheque averages, Customers are more likely to arrive with a larger party, and to spend more per person. Your wait staff loves birthday parties with higher tip averages.     

Everyone loves to receive a birthday gift. My Birthday Club Now turns birthdays into a powerful solution that drives business

LET US send birthday parties to your restaurant and build an in-house Birthday club - ALL done for You

A complete done for you marketing solution that sends Birthday cards to local patrons, gets them to your business with other guest to celebrate, builds a patron list, markets your business every month and provides all the tools and service without you lifting a finger.

Birthday Card

We mail local patrons within your CORE Demographic a gift from your business on their birthday, bringing in highly profitable birthday parties. We handle it all from the design to the mailer to the data.

Marketing Suite

Access your Birthday Marketing Suite anywhere! Get insights, real-time customer information, marketing analytics, reports and more.  Send email, mobile or rewards offers to your customers.

promotion center

Promotion Center a complete follow up system that Includes 20+ automatons, all the hottest tools like WiFi guest system, Mobile Marketing and Offers, Email Promotions, Loyalty & Rewards, Stored Value and more SAVING YOU THOUSANDS.

coaching & planning

Our in-house team of experts manage your electronic marketing and promotions so you don't have to.

Complete automated and done for you marketing 

complete and automated marketing

Birthday Marketing 

Put our Birthday and Special Occasion marketing solution to work for your business.

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We design and send Birthday Postcards with a Free Meal to locals every month and the Birthday Marketing Suite builds your customer list, sends marketing messages that are relevant and automated, and increases your cash flow - all with one platform.

Your Promotion Center

Provides you with access to your customer list, promotions and reports.  We manage the campaigns, edit and design your monthly offers and boost your word-of-mouth with refer-a-friend and survey marketing.

Healthier business

Birthday Marketing will give you more reliable, predictable, and steady business providing you with more business and helping your staff earn more. Increase your reputation, likes and reviews - A Healthier Business for you.

Our Goal: Increase You Cash Flow
Birthday Marketing Suite

 Good Business - Great return

3 reasons why your restaurant should have a Birthday Club;
1) Get New Regulars Every Month
2) Higher profitability per table
3) Increase Check Average by 80%

Let My Birthday Club Now send Birthday Parties to your restaurant and get your current guests signing up to be on your Birthday List with our Birthday Marketing Suite.

A simple, easy to use automated marketing system that:
* Builds a list of customers with their birth dates
* Automated email/mobile birthday wish and/or gift
* A continuous follow-up system that boosts repeatable business
* and a proprietary mailer to local patrons with a birthday

Turn-Key and Managed For YOU!   

Example Birthday Card Mailers

Customized For Your Business. Postcard size: 8.5 X 5.5 with wallet-size tear-outs

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